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Indrykket 18. april 2019

Parringer i UK

Fra England lyder det:

Logos lille søster Magpie er parret med FTCH Levenghyl Malusi ("Arriba" )
En scanning viser 9-10 hvalpe, spændende.


Indrykket 21. marts 2019

FTW Balbirnie LOGO parringer i UK

Fra England lyder det:

Logo´s latest litter was a success. Four bitches and two dogs. A long list of
disappointed buyers as well.
Et andet kuld :
Just heard from Jeremy Hunt that his bitch had eight LOGO pups -
six dogs - two bitches. All good news.

Mor: Fenway Willow Grouse.

Fenway Willow Grouse med 8 dejlige hvalpe - far Balbirnie LOGO

Indrykket 27. februar 2018:

Samarbejdet med Paul Dixon og Balbirnie LOGO fungerer perfekt

Fra England lyder det:

"Logo has successfully managed his first stud. Fortunately the bitch was experience, very quit and patient. They had a 20 minute tie which is good. The bitch was Westmacott Heather of Dreamacres.

Balbirnie Logo of Thornship


Indrykket 23. december 2017:

LOGO takes a runner!!!

Balbirnie LOGO henter en anskudt fasan på træningsjagt!


Indrykket 29. oktober 2017:

LOGO wins

Balbirnie LOGO var onsdag den 25. på markprøve i Scotland og blev 1. vinder.

Til slut var følgende 4 hunde af 16 deltagene tilbage :

  • Katalog nr. 6 Millgreen (26.04.14)
  • Katalog nr. 10 Balbirnie LOGO (18.5.2015), Breeder P. Maasbøl
  • Katalog nr. 12 Leadburn Quibble (11.01.13), Breeder B. Steel
  • Katalog nr. 13 Junia Joseph (21.08.12), Breeder A.D.Sorley
    (Nr. 12 of 13 har Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn som far.)
Story of the day:
Logo was drawn no 10 in a 16 dog trial. We parked on a hillside lane overlooking the sea at the mull of Galloway. The first walk up was in a bog where only one pheasant was retrieved but four dogs were put out. A pheasant was shot and ran into the grass about 100m from the right hand dogs. None of the four handlers could get their dogs to the area and the judges went out and flushed the wounded bird again.
We then moved to the saltmarsh on the side of the muddy beach and walked them for about one and a half hours, yielding two pheasants and losing two dogs first dog down on runners.
I went into line on the saltmarsh and walked for one and a half hours without a retrieve. It looked like the trial would be a disaster but we pulled out and walked back up the hill to a kale field that fortunately was full of pheasants.
As soon as we went in a bird was shot about 30m left of the end gun on the left and no 8 was sent from next to me.
He went to the area, winded the bird but couldn't pick it.
Logo was sent and held the area well, eventually flipping and picking the live bird that had moved a bit. Good eyewipe!
We walked on about 20m and a cock bird was shot in front, flew on and then was knocked down by a second barrel.
It was about 70m from Logo who could not see it as we came up the hill. I sent him out and he went left a bit, made the distance then I turned him right into the wind and he picked it without any fuss.
Other dogs were being eliminated as we went up the hilly field and when he went in for his third retrieve there were about six left.
A cock bird was shot behind, over the brow and it didn't look dead. After delay to pick another bird up the line, Logo was sent and seemed to go to the fall, but I couldn't see him. The judge was watching and signed for me to leave him hunting as he took a runner 40 or 50 metres back through the kale.
His last retrieve was of a high cock bird that fell off the right hand end of the line about 70m out in a field next to the kale. Although he didn't run straight to it I turned him right and he very quickly gathered it.
As we turned to go back down the there were only four dogs left so the judges decided to end the trial.
With a very good eyewipe and a runner Logo was way ahead and the clear winner. The judges said that there was some distance between him and the other dogs. He had performed to the potential I see in him.
The a panel judge was Billy Steel jnr, B panel John mcneice and non panels Anne faulds and George Buchan.
Logo was at his best today. He stayed calm for a very long time at heel and found game better than the other dogs, handling well when needed. I am sure he will now be an outstanding open dog.

Indrykket 25. oktober 2017:

Balbirnie LOGO i England

Logo er ikke trænet meget i juli/august, men Paul er efter en hofteoperation så småt startet i slutningen
af september og her nu i oktober tilmeldt til prøver.

Den 18. oktober sendte Paul følgende rapport, hvoraf man kan læse at det også er svært i UK:

Hi Per
Logo ran in the all aged trial today against some very experienced dogs and put on a very good show, but unfortunately only for the first round. The trial was also walked up on heather moorland, with rabbits, hares snipe and grouse. The guns were really good and more or less killed everything in range. Logo was drawn no 6 and so walked in the middle of the line on his lead until it was his turn. He went in on the right and walked well off the lead. When his turn came a rabbit was shot off the far end of the line, about 150 metres away, and I saw the shot hit the heather about 25 metres in front of the gun. He went out fast and made about half the distance before curving in towards the line. I stopped him instantly and sent him back right and he was quickly in the area. The judges said he was about 15 metres too far so I brought him back and he picked the rabbit very quickly and put it in my hand. The speed and handling was excellent for a blind retrieve.

His second retrieve was another rabbit about half as far, in front of a gun in the middle. When I sent him he went fast on the line of the rabbit that I had seen roll over. About half way on the right line he checked on the fall of another rabbit that had just been picked, but stopped and went back with one command, to pick the rabbit speedily without fuss. Definitely two impressive A retrieves.

When it was his turn in the second round (one retrieve) he was sent blind about 100 metres straight in front, to look for a grouse that had been hit a few minutes before and fluttered down. Without a mark or a shot to pull him this proved to be harder and he pulled down the wind on some fresh scent and I was unable to turn him to get into the area.

The next dog flushed a wobbly bird on the fall and was credited with the find.

Sadly he didn't make it into the third round of two retrieves and the trial was won on five retrieves, only four dogs of 14 making it to the end. I was pleased with Logo because he was calm off the lead and kept his head. We will work on his handling a little more but I remain optimistic for next week when he is running on weds and Saturday in Scotland.

He also has runs now on 2 November and 6 November.

Will let you know!


Følg Logos udvikling i ord og billeder

Per med Logo, 8 uger gammel (Logo altså):

3 ½ måned gammel:

5 måneder gammel:




7 måneder gammel:

8 måneder gammel - den første kanin

10 måneder gammel - en flot fyr, og han ved det!

Logo efter 6 dage i England

Paul Dixon Skriver i sin hilsen: "Happy dogs back after training this afternoon".

Paul Dixon skriver 10. april 2016: Logo is now settling well. He has been well trained and was third in the United Retriever Club puppy test today
Puppy test er for hunde som er under 18 måneder gamle. Læs mere om URC her

Logo har kun opholdt sig 18 dage i England!

Træning 23.-24. april 2016, Logo efter én måned i England

15. maj 2016 - Logo blev 1. vinder på Burns and Becks Gundog Club ´s puppy test

29. maj 2016: Logo bliver 2. vinder i Northumberland and Durham Labrador Retriever Club


Søndag den 9. oktober 2016 skrev Paul Dixon:

Sitting at a drive yesterday.


Torsdag den 20. oktober skrev Paul Dixon:

He has now picked partridge, pheasant, rabbit, hare, duck, snipe and pigeon and is steady off the lead at drives. Ready to go!
He is a fast and brave dog who hunts hard.........


Tirsdag den 26. november 2016 skrev Paul Dixon:

Logo har været på sin anden prøve i dag. Der var 14 hunde, der deltog (se List of Runners), og Logo var den yngste. I den første runde samlede Logo en agerhøne op, der havde gemt sig i nogle siv, og han tog en fasan som lå gemt bag en af skytterne. Mange hunde gik ud i denne runde, fordi de ikke var i stand til at finde fuglene i sivene, så i anden runde var der kun 5 hunde tilbage.
I den runde havde Logo en 150 m lang blind apportering, hvor han dog måtte dirigeres et par gange undervejs. Tre af de 5 hunde blev eyewiped i denne runde, hvorved der kun var Logo og én hund mere tilbage.
I tredje runde have Logo endnu en lang apportering, hvor han ligeledes måtte dirigeres lidt undervejs, hvorimod den anden, mere erfarne hund, hentede sine apporteringer direkte. Det var således kun Logo og den anden hund, der havde gennemført prøven, og førstepladsen gik til den anden hund. Logo fik Certificate of Merit. Jeg var meget tilfreds med ham. Logos opsamlinger og afleveringer var meget gode, jeg har blot behov for at arbejde på hans bagudsendelser, hvilket jeg kan gøre. Logos træning på levende fugle har alle været på kortere afstand, så blind apportering over lang afstand var svært for ham. MEN han fik hentet fuglene!

Logo opnåede/fik også sit Drive Certificate, hvilket han vil få brug for at kunne blive field trial champion.